Children’s Kickboxing

The benefits of putting your children in our Kickboxing and Muay Thai program.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes incorporate self defense, exercise, and physical fitness.  This will help children to have and maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Unfortunately, too many children today spend more time than they should watching television and playing video games.  Finding the right martial arts program will give them something fun to do away from the television or computer screen.

We offer a place to improve their physical fitness in a fun and safe environment.  Training begins with conditioning drills, followed by kicking and striking drills.  As the student progresses, they can participate in controlled sparring.  Under supervision, and wearing the required safety equipment, they will work on applying their techniques on their sparring partner (partner, not opponent) while their partner is trying to apply their techniques to them.  By being controlled and supervised, we keep the sparring safe and fun.  Participants learn to respect their opponents through the mutual understanding of working together.  There is always someone stronger or faster, and through controlled sparring, they appreciate the value of not hitting with everything they have, and the process of growing and learning together.  Contact us today to see if our program is right for your child.

We have our Children’s class on Tuesdays, from  5:30 – 6:15 pm.  As more children join, we will expand our schedule.