Twin Dragon Women’s Kickboxing

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Kickboxing can be so much more fun than a regular aerobic workout.

Take your fitness to the next level and learn practical self defense, while tightening and toning up. a one hour kickboxing workout burns 350 to 900 calories, depending on the intensity of the participant. Our classes are suitable for women of all ages. Lose weight, tone up and learn how to defend yourself all at the same time.

After you get used to the class, you may want to work at putting on some gloves and applying your techniques on the heavybag. You can also find someone to help you put it all together in the ring. We have experienced instructors to help you with sparring, and should you decide to try that, we are confident you will find it very empowering. The choice is entirely yours. There is no pressure in our gym, just support for whichever options you choose.

We believe that the best workout is the one you enjoy, and look forward to coming back to. Consistency is the key.

Give our classes a try. Maybe this will be the workout you have been looking for. Let us help you step up to a higher level of fitness, self esteem and self defense.

Our gym focuses mostly on Kickboxing and Muay Thai, but our roots in Kung Fu, as well as experience in other martial arts, like Judo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, etc, are all incorporated to give you the tools to defend yourself inside or outside the gym.



Congratulations to Marcy Ross on her victory March 3rd, 2013

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