Classes at Twin Dragon North

Our classes start with flexibility and conditioning drills. Then we work on punching, kicking, as well as elbow and knee strikes, and defense against such strikes. Students start with the group “shadow kickboxing” classes. Our Friday and Saturday Muay Thai classes focus more on teaming up to work on interactive drills with a partner, hitting pads with a partner, or hitting the heavy bags to work on power. Some people want to take it further and work on applying what they have learned, sparring in the ring, and also apply what they have learned in competition.

We also offer personal training to help you further increase skill and/or fitness levels.

Are you ready to start building a healthier, more fit and confident you? If so, contact us. We are here to help you with that journey.

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The benefits of training Kickboxing and Muay Thai

Competitive combat sports require participants to be in top physical shape, therefore conditioning has an important place in our training regime. Train with us and lose body fat and build muscle. Depending on how hard you push yourself, you can burn 350 to 900 calories during an hour of training with us.

Unlike some of the more traditional striking martial arts, Kickboxing and Muay Thai competition does not end when a participant makes the first clean contact to score, and then resume for the next “point” in a match. Like boxing, competitors find themselves on the giving or receiving end of multiple strikes, and during a match be required to defend or absorb, recover from, and answer with their own attack until their opponent cannot continue, or until a round ends. We find this training to be a much more realistic approach to self-defense.