Kru Chris Williams

Christopher a.k.a [Killa] a.k.a [Professor] Williams grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called Trinidad & Tobago. Christopher in his youthful years would often spend every moment of free time exploring his different passions in sport. Time spent at home had his gaze mesmerized by the movements of the fighters he watched in the boxing match with his father. A memory he often reminisces to in his mind, one which he holds dear to his heart. It was a favourite pastime shared between father and son.

It wasn’t until he made the move in 2003 to a city called Scarborough, Ontario, Canada did he stumble upon a love that ultimately shaped his future, Muay Thai. On a cool autumn day walking to school Chris passed by a Muay Thai gym overcome with a force drawing him in. Entering was the first step towards a new love, a sport, a passion, a purpose to which his soul found a meaning to devote his life in.

“I didn’t know why i loved it, but the ring became my second home and Muay Thai gave me that serenity” Kru Chris

And now here in 2019 after living and fighting in Thailand for almost a year and having 50+ fights around the world in Canada,United States, Mexico, Panama and Thailand. Along with being 4 time North American Champion he was recognized as Best Pro Fighter Canada 2016.

Kru Chris Williams - Twin Dragon North Kickboxing & Muay Thai

Along with his pursuit of passion and the journey of becoming a warrior, Kru Christopher also became the youngest Muay Thai practitioner in Canada to earn the esteemed title of Kru (teacher).As is his nature to enlighten and pass down knowledge and wisdom hence his former day job as Professor of micro biology at Centennial College.